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Assam History MCQ on Ahom Kingdom: 27+ Objective Questions [SET-1]

Assam History MCQ on Ahom Kingdom: Some important objective questions on Assam History for Competitive Examinations such as APSC, PNRD Assam, Assam TET, etc. are given below:

1. Name who was the first Ahom King?
(a) Sukapha
(b) Suteupha
(c) Subinpha
(d) Sukhampha

2. Who was the British Officer who was beaten to death during the uprising in Assam?
(a) Lt. Singer
(b) Lt. Bruce
(c) Lt. Welsh
(d) Lt. Brown

3. Which Sutiya king built Sadiya?
(a) Ratnadhiraja
(b) Garudadhiraj
(c) Vijayadhiraj
(d) Vikramdhira

4. Ahom king's advisory board was formed with how many ministers?
(a) 2 Ministers
(b) 3 Ministers
(c) 4 Ministers
(d) 5 Ministers

5. How the name Guwahati has been derived?
(a) place was famous for betel-nut groves
(b. place was famous for coconut groves
(c) place was famous for sugar-cane fields
(d) place was famous for tea garden

6. The Posa system referred to
(a) confronting policy
(b) repauation policy
(c) policy of non-payment of taxes
(d) tribal appeasement policy

7. The history of Assam can be divided into_____ eras.
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6

8. In 1520 who defeated the Ahoms king?
(a) Dharmadhwajpal
(b) Gadadhar Singha
(c) Vijayadhwajpal
(d) Birpal

9. When did First Anglo-Burmese War take place?
(a) 1824
(b) 1832
(c) 1833
(d) 1842

10. Who was the last ruler of  Varman dynasty of  Kamarupa Kingdom?
(a) Pushya Varman
(b) Mahendra Varman
(c) Supratisthita Varman
(d)  Bhaskar Varman

11. In which century Pala dynasty was coming into existence?
(a) 4th century
(b) 7th century
(c) 9th century
(d) 12th century

12. In the 4th century which dynasty marked the beginning of Ancient Assam?
(a) Pala dynasty.
(b) Varman dynasty
(c) Mlechchha dynasty
(d) Danava dynasty

13. In which year the Assam region was separated from the Bengal Presidency?

14. When did 'The Assam Movement or Assam Agitation take place?
(a) 1920–1921
(b) 1921–1937
(c) 1937–1947
(d) 1979-1985

15. The Magadha empire was founded by whom in the 4th century BCE.
(a) Ashok
(b) Bimbisara
(c) Ajatashatru
(d) Prasenjit

16. In 1185 who established the Khen dynasty and the Kamata kingdom?
(a) Sandhya
(b) Sindhu Rai
(c) Prithu
(d) Dharma Narayan

17. Who was the second ruler of the Sutiya kingdom in the 13th century?
(a) Birpal
(b) Ratnadhwajpal
(c) Vijayadhwajpal
(d) Nityapal

18. Who established the Koch dynasty in the Kamata kingdom in the 16th century?
(a) Nara Narayan
(b) Vishwa Singha
(c) Chilarai
(d) Sukaphaa

19. Who established the rule of the Tungkhungia clan of the Ahom kings?
(a)  Gobar Gohain
(b) Gadadhar Singha
(c) Vijayadhwajpal
(d) Birpal

20. Who removed the last Khen ruler of Kamata kingdom?
(a) Nusrat Shah succeeded him
(b) Alauddin Hussain Shah
(c) Shamsuddin Muzaffar Shah
(d)  Nizam-ud-Din Ahmad

21. Protohistoric Assam has been reconstructed from folklore epics like_______
(a) Kalika Purana
(b) Yogini Tantra
(c) Mahabharata
(d) a,b,c

22. Who established the Mlechchha dynasty in Kamarupa Kingdom, Assam?
(a) Bhaskar Varman
(b) Salasthambha
(c) Supratisthita Varman
(d)  Sukaphaa

23. The ancient era of Assam began in the _____ with the mention of Kamarupa in Samudragupta's Allahabad pillar.
(a)  2nd-century
(b)  3rd-century
(c)  4th-century
(d)  5th-century

24.  In which year the colonial era of Assam began with the establishment of British control after the Treaty of Yandaboo?
(a) 1826
(b) 1827
(c) 1828
(d) 1829

25. When did Gomdhar Konwar, Dhanjay Borgohain and their followers rose in revolt against the British occupation of Assam?
(a) 1828
(b) 1837
(c) 1859
(d) 1874

26. When did Alauddin Hussain Shah of Gaur remove the last Khen ruler of Kamata kingdom?
(a) 1449
(b) 1490
(c) 1498
(d) 1515

27. Phulaguri Dhawa, the first peasant uprising against British rule was repressed in ____ year.
(a) 1861
(b) 1805
(c) 1817
(d) 1826

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